本公司是一家专门从事新材料研发、生产、 销售的新型高科技企业。产品主要是采用空气激发燃烧超音速火焰喷涂、电弧喷涂、等离子转移弧堆焊等先进表面工程技术制备非晶合金、碳化钨、镍基碳化钨复合材料等高耐磨、高耐蚀涂层材料,应用于能源(火电、核电、水电、燃料电池)、石化(石油开采、天然气开采、化工设备)、海洋装备(海洋钻井平台、近海风电)、机械制造(造纸、印刷、盾构机、钢铁冶金)、交通运输(汽车、高铁)以及航空航天等重要工业领域。采用真空感应凝壳熔炼及离心铸造技术生产的非晶合金材料和钛合金材料可广泛用于制造消费电子封装结构、体育器械、医疗器械、精密机械部件。公司已经获得ISO9001质量体系认证。

Uilizing state -of-the art processes such as Supersonic Air-Fuel Spraying(UniqueCoat M3 Gun), Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTA) (Kennametal Stellite m Starweld⑧PTA system) and Twin-Wire ArC Spraying (TAFA Model BP-400),Novelmetal Materials Technologies produces advanced amorphous metal based and tungsten carbide based coatings and provides services to help extend the life of components in demanding environments where heat,corrosion and abrasion limit their life. Our unique amorphous metallic coatings and cemented carbide coatings, as an alternative to electrolytic hard chromium,can serve a wide range of indutries including Oil,Gas,Energy, Power Generation,Aerospace,Paper,Steel,Coal, Mining,Printing,Textiles, Food,Defense, Tobacco, Automotive and Manufacturing, enabling effective protection against abrasive wear, erosion and slidling wear, as well as general corrosion. We also produce amorphous lloys and Titanium-based alloys materials and components by using high vacuum skull melting and centrifugal casting failit. We are certitied and comply to Iso 9001 and meet Customer quality audits.